GT CFD Simulation
Axial Flow Gas Turbine
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GT CFD Simulation



An axial flow turbine has the same structure as the axial compressor but works in reverse. In other words, the axial flow turbine converts the fluid flow into rotating mechanical energy. In the axial flow turbine, the gas flows through an annular passage surrounding the rotating power output shaft, in a direction substantially parallel to the axis of the shaft. The loss of energy causes the pressure and temperature of the gas to fall from turbine inlet to outlet, and necessitates the use of an increasing passage area (normal to the flow) to restrain the flow to a constant velocity.

Simulation Properties
- Number of Stage: 2
- Rotational Speed: 59000 RPM
- Pressure Ratio (Total to Total): 5.75
- Mass Flow: 0.564 kg/s
- Total Temperature: 145 C
- Number of Blade For Stator (Stage 1/Stage 2): 21/18
- Number of Blade For Rotor (Stage 1/Stage 2): 29/23



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