CFD Simulation of the Diplomat Building's Air-Cooled Chiller Area
Aerodynamic and thermal analysis
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CFD Simulation of the Diplomat Building's Air-Cooled Chiller Area

Air-cooled chillers absorb heat from process water, and the heat is then transferred to the air around the chiller unit. This type of chiller system is generally used in applications where the additional heat it discharges is not a factor. The chillers will produce “chilled water” which is pumped out around the building to the Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Fan Coil Units (FCUs) Which remove the unwanted heat from the building and transfer it into the chilled water loop. Air-cooled chillers are very common, especially in small to medium size commercial and office-type buildings. They are usually located externally, either up on the roof or at ground level. This is because Air air-cooled chillers do not use cooling towers, instead, they dump their heat into the ambient air and therefore need access to a lot of fresh air, in order to reject the unwanted heat from the building.



Diplomat Building




3D Modeling




Mesh Generation




Stream Line - I




Stream Line - II




Wind Velociyu




Velocity Contour - Section




Pressure Contour - Section




Velocity Contour - Plan




Pressure Contour - Plan




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