Car External Airflow CFD Simulation
AUDI A4 2017 car at 100 Km/h speed
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"Car External Airflow CFD Simulation"


An important part of the design, regarding vibrations at high speeds, is the aerodynamics of a car. Modeling and simulation can be used to estimate the flow and pressure field around a car with reasonable accuracy. The fluctuating pressure exerted by the flow can be used as surface loads in a structural analysis. In this context, it is important that the forces exerted by the air at high speeds are estimated regarding not only magnitude but also frequency. In this post, I used of K-ω (SST) models to predict the forces that the airflow generates on the body of a AUDI A4 2017 car at 100 Km/h speed. The forces are then used as loads in a structural analysis.

In this simulation, 10,120,936 million polyhedral cells with 10 prism boundary layers are used, and the average value of Y+ is calculated to be around 3.



AUDI A4 2017




3D Model




Mesh Generation - I




Mesh Generation - II




Pressure Contour - I




Pressure Contour - II




Pressure Contour - III




Velocity Contour - I




Velocity Contour - II




Velocity Contour - III




Velocity Contour - IV




Velocity Vector-